How Will My Course Work?

Agree Your Courses
Whether its refreshing your knowledge or starting something new, our team help you choose the best course for you.
Receive Your Learning Material
We will give you everything you will need for the course, we will also do an induction and welcome you onboard.
Show us What You've Learnt
You will sit assessments throughout the course. These can be completed digitally, handwritten or by DVR (digital video recorder).
Keep in Touch
We have found that open communication works best, we will host regular catch ups to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Our Promise to You

We are here to help you achieve your dreams. We will listen carefully to you and support you in every way we can. You will know exactly what to expect, who will assist you and how they can help.

Have a question about your course or want to start something new?

Leave us you contact details and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.