End Point Assessment

Training Works 4 U Ltd has 30 years Senior Management experience operating in the vocational learning industry.  In 2012, Training Works 4 U Ltd was established to deliver Apprenticeship training, in 2016 we added Skills Support for the Workforce to our delivery portfolio. Training Works 4 U previously delivered Apprenticeship frameworks, however, we ceased to deliver all Apprenticeships from July 2017 and it is our intention not to be an Apprenticeship provider in the future.  We now deliver ESF funded training to Employers for Health and Social Care.  Therefore, there will be no conflicts of interest within the business as we no longer delivery Apprenticeship training.  We have nominated staff allocated to the EPA activities and we have ensured that we have managed and mitigated any potential conflicts of interest.

We have a proven track record of delivering high quality training, specifically in the Health & Social Care sectors and we have consistently over performed on all contractual KPI’ set over the last 7 years.

Over the years we have worked with over 3000 Apprenticeship learners and a further 600 learners under the ESF Skills Support for the Workforce programmes across 900 SME’s. Our Apprenticeship success rate averages 76% and 87% of ESF learners successfully achieve their outcomes.

Training Works 4 U works with national Employers, as well as large and SME organisations solely based within the UK.  Our employer base has included over 600 related to Health and Social Care.  

The Training Works 4 U Assessment Team for Health and Social Care at all levels are experienced Assessors/IQA’s with varying backgrounds who collectively have worked in a range of businesses in the private health and social care sector spanning 27 years.  They have worked in Health and Social Care in different parts of the country in a range of different social care settings, building experience in residential, nursing care homes, domiciliary care, mental health, education services and for people with specific needs for example diabetes, autism and complex needs.  They are also all experienced Assessors and Quality Assurers, holding the relevant qualifications in these areas.  They are all currently employed by Training Works 4 U specifically to carry out end point assessment in Adult and Lead Adult Care at Level 2 and 3.

The team also have experience of setting the requirements for invigilating on screen and paper-based tests. Guidance documents have been produced for invigilators, candidates and employers to ensure that everyone involved is familiar with the process, procedures and requirements.  

Training Works 4 U are working in partnership for the design, development and provision of end point assessments and quality assurance services. This will include the provision of individual assessment components as required by the respective assessment plans as well as the subsequent maintenance and updating of assessment resources.  This includes using their expertise as an Ofqual recognised awarding organisation and approved end point assessment organisation for Lead and Adult Care Worker to design and develop multiple choice tests questions and support with delivering and quality assuring the other assessment instruments.  



End point assessment components

The end point assessment for each standard is summarised as follows:
The supplementary evidence noted below must be achieved before entry to the gateway.

Multi Choice Tests
60 questions over a 90-minute period.  Multiple choice questions based on real life scenarios taken in exam conditions.  External set and marked.  The test will feature knowledge and skills requirements as laid out in the assessment plan and standard.

Professional discussion
Maximum 45 minutes led by the assessor in controlled conditions in the workplace.  The discussion will draw questions and amplifications from prior learning and experience including, where applicable, the candidate’s self-assessment as supporting evidence including testimonies from users or services (which must be submitted to the end point assessor in advance of the professional discussion at the planning meeting) and a sample of standardised candidate questions asked of every apprentice candidate in the interview.

End Point Assessment Agreement
This agreement sets out the Training Works 4 U background, service levels, activity and expectations when completing End-Point Assessment in England. 

This agreement also describes the requirement of Apprentices, Employers and the Training Provider prior to, during and after undertaking End-Point Assessment 

See Link to:  TW4U End Point Assessment Agreement

For more information please contact Customer Service Team on 
Telephone: 01709 782741
Email: contact@trainingworks4u.co.uk 

Lead Adult Care Worker

An Online Multi Choice test
A professional discussion

The validation of Supplementary Evidence achievement: 
A Diploma at an appropriate level (level 3)
A Care Certificate
Literacy and Numeracy Level 2

Adult Care Worker

An Online Multi Choice test
A professional discussion

The validation of Supplementary Evidence achievement: 
A Diploma at an appropriate level (level 2)
A Care Certificate
Literacy and Numeracy Level 1