Looking to Develop Your Workforce?

The Skills Support for the Workforce Programme is a Service, to help you turn your business growth plans into a reality by upskilling and/or reskilling, your existing workforce. Our team support businesses by assessing and recognising skills requirements and delivering the right training courses to strengthen employees.

How is Training Delivered?

Our wide range of courses are built around the way you work. These can be full day courses, weekly training sessions or something in between. They can be completed online, in your workplace, even in your own home, and are delivered at an individual or group level.

Our remote Team offer flexible online meetings, connecting with participants at times that suit them, and you, best. Our electronic learning packages mean that participants can study anywhere, at any time.

Personalised Training Plans
Giving your workforce the skills needed to learn, progress and aid overall business growth.
Regenerate Your Business Post Pandemic
Become adaptable in an ever changing environment by strengthening your workforce from within.
Retain your Staff
Provide progression pathways to increase job security and reduce risk of valued staff being poached by competitors.

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Leave us an enquiry on our website, or give us a call!

Step 2

A member of our team will discuss with you what skills you want to develop within your workplace.

Step 3

We'll then arrange a digital meeting to carry out your training needs analysis.

Step 4

And develop and deliver your personalised training plans.

Benefits to Your Business

Showing that you are committed to your teams development and progression by up-skilling creates greater motivation, loyalty and success. Offering clear progression and promotion routes shows that you value and appreciate your team, allowing them to grow alongside your business.

Raise Performance & Productivity
Train, Support & Upskill your Workforce
Increase Employee Confidence, Motivation & Productivity
Promote Employee Loyalty & Retention

Want to know more about upskilling your team through our qualifications?

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