Company Complaint Policy and Procedure


The aim of the procedure is to monitor and improve the quality of all our practices by establishing an effective system for handling complaints about the services we provide. This procedure applies to all Employees, Participants and Employers.

We aim to fully resolve any concerns or problems you might have and if there is anything we cannot resolve or put right straight away we will provide you with an explanation and outcome.

We recognise that feedback from customers is vital in helping us to further improve the services we offer.  We therefore record and analyse the information you provide us with to achieve a prompt and suitable resolution to issue raised.

Complaints Procedure

Should you have any reason to make a complaint either at work, in relation to a training programme or with regards to any member of staff from either Training Works 4 U or within your workplace please speak to the relevant person.

If you feel you are unable to do this or have done so with no suitable resolution, then we would request that you put your complaint in writing to the Directors at Training Works 4 U.

Training Works 4 U are committed to providing a quality service and achieving the highest standards of conduct is important. One of the ways in which service can be improved is by listening and responding to the views of customers and employees. Therefore, it is important to ensure that

  • Making a complaint is as easy as possible
  • A complaint is treated as a clear expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls for a response
  • Any complaint is treated seriously – whether it is made in person, by telephone, by letter, by fax, or by email
  • Complaints are dealt with promptly, politely and, where appropriate, informally (for example, by telephone)
  • Responses are conducted in the right way:  for example, with an explanation, an apology where necessary or with information on any action to be taken
  • Complaint’s data utilised to help support and train Training Works 4 U staff to ensure service is improved.

How do you make a complaint or compliment ?

You can make a complaint in writing, by email, by telephone or in person.

  • If you are writing or emailing your complaint, please provide your telephone number – if a response by telephone would be convenient. If you are emailing, please state if a reply by email is required and if not, please provide a full postal address.
  • If you know the department which is relevant to your complaint and the name or title of an appropriate member of staff that you would like to talk to please have this information to hand

Telephone Number – Training Works 4 U Head Office – 0114 242 6823

Email Address:

Director’s email addresses: or

What happens next?

All complaints made to Training Works 4 U are taken seriously and dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. You will receive a reply within 10 working days from the date of your original complaint.

If it is not possible to give you a full reply within this time (for instance, because a detailed investigation is required), we will give you an interim response telling you what stage and what action is being taken to deal with your complaint and when you can expect a full reply and from whom.

The full reply will include the outcome and decision of the complaint and if any necessary action is to be taken. It will also include details of the responsible person if you believe that your complaint has not been dealt with in the correct manner. This will normally be the appropriate senior departmental Manager/Director.

If, following that second response you are still not satisfied, you can write to:

Training Works 4 U Limited

c/o The Complaints Department

Top Floor, 14 Jessops Riverside

800, Brightside Lane


South Yorkshire

S9 2RX

Appeals Procedure

Should you wish to make an appeal against any decision made within the company by any member of staff or Manager the appeal should be logged in writing within 21 days of being informed of the decision.

  • Your written appeal should be made to a Director.
  • You will be informed by the Director of the date that your appeal will be heard and where you will need to attend the hearing, you may like to bring a work colleague or someone to support you through this process.
  • Any recommendation made by the Director will be made in writing to yourself and all parties involved.
  • Should no decision or recommendation be met, the Director will recommend that an independent re-assessment be made to try and reach an outcome.

How to complain

Employees, Participants or employers can make a complaint to any member of staff in person, by letter, email or telephone to Head Office.

Employees, Participants or Employers are to specify that a complaint is being made and not simply providing feedback or a suggestion. The complaint will be forwarded to a senior member of staff who will contact the complainant to discuss the matter further and investigate the situation as appropriate.

What will we need from you?

For us to be able to handle your query effectively we will need the following information when you contact us:

  • Your name and location (where applicable)
  • What type of programme you are undertaking with Training Works 4 U or your Job Title
  • Full details of what your query or concern is
  • The reference number for the query if you are contacting us about an ongoing issue.


The Participant, Employer or staff member would approach their Skills Development Coach or Line Manager to raise an informal complaint. At this point the Skills Development Coach or Line Manager would attempt to address the issues raised.


Where a formal complaint is raised either verbally, by letter, e-mail or telephone, then this should be dealt with by a Member of the Senior Management Team.