About Us

At Training Works 4 U, we are committed to raising the standard of skills and education by making our clients the focus of everything we do. Our aim is to provide guidance, strength and inspiration for each of our participants and help them become motivational leaders who stand up for their team. If each of our participants can lead by example and create an environment their team members will love, we have done our job right.

We were founded in 2012, since then we have delivered over 3000 courses to 1200 Businesses, across countless Sectors. We believe in a strong work ethic, working hard to achieve our dreams, and yours. We value, recognise and respect our people, believing in equality & diversity.

Our team are at the heart of everything we do, we aim to create a brilliant work-life balance, focusing on their wellbeing, which shines through in the work they do each day. Our passion for excellent customer experience drives us to do what we do, providing participants with the skills to thrive and the ambition to achieve and succeed.

Meet Our Team

Employer & Participant Advisor Team


Julian Smith

'Support and guidance are the core values of our team'

Skills & Enrolment Advisor

“I am the Employer and Skills & Enrolment Advisor, ensuring that support and guidance are the core values of our team. Throughout the last 8 years I have worked with all our employers and participants to build bespoke training packages to meet their business training needs. I enjoy supporting employers and participants by finding out about their business to help them to meet their goals. I enjoy spending time with family, socialising and going on holiday. I look forward to speaking to you in the future.”


Sara Youle

'Support and guidance are the core values of our team'

Employer & Participant Engagement Manager

“I am Sara and I am the Employer & Participant Engagement Manager. I started with Training Works 4U in February 2012, when the business began and have worked closely with the Senior Management team over the years.”

Skills Development Team


Michelle Taylor

'I like to share my knowledge and experiences with my participants and feel rewarded when I re engage my learners to succeed'

Skills Development Coach

“Being a Skills Development Coach means that I deliver teaching, learning and complete assessments for my participants. I specialise in Hospitality, Business Skills & Customer Service training, having worked in each of those sectors throughout my career. I love to share my knowledge and experiences and enjoy communicating with my participants. I feel rewarded when I re-engage my participants to succeed. When I’m not at work I spend time with my Grandchildren.”


Angela Meadows

'Assisting others to reach their goals, develop confidence and identify their skills'

Skills Development Coach

“When I work with participants, I make sure to know a lot about them; their role, their company, ambitions, learning style, how we should communicate and how I can support them. I love to see my participants develop their confidence and see their full potential. When I’m not at work I love swimming, socialising, canoeing, quad biking, the list goes on!”


Stacey Roberts

'With the right, tailored, training, people can achieve anything'

Performance Manager

“I have been with TW4U for over 9 years. My role is the Performance Manager for the Skills Development Team which means I manage the team of Skills Development Coaches. I also help design new programmes and help participants overcome any learning barriers they may have. I’ve been involved with training throughout my career and strongly believe that with the right, tailored, training, people can achieve anything. In my spare time love to spend time with my family, play a mean game of swing ball or boules, and also create things for my crafting business.”


Dawn Sherratt

'I love that we are working to raise standards in care one carer at a time'

Skills Development Coach

“I am a people person which allows me to find a common ground with all my participants. I find ways to support each person that suits their needs, some require extra support, some may only need a regular check in. I have been able to strengthen the relationships between employers and participants, and always aim to build all relationships further. I love to see my participants achieve their goals, especially when they’ve been written off as ‘non achievers’ in the past, seeing them receive their certificates brings me joy! When outside of work, I love to see my family.”


Kate Aird

'I love making a difference to people and helping them gain knowledge and skills that they didn’t have before'

Skills Development Coach

“Being a Skills Development Coach, I provide participants with advice and guidance, acting as a point of contact for support. I got into this line of work because I had previously completed an apprenticeship myself but didn’t have the best assessor, so I undertook my training so I could assess and help others to a better standard than what I experienced. I’m also a people person and love new challenges! When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my little boy exploring the outdoors. I also spend lots of time with my extended family.”

Team Member Journeys

Chantelle Allison

Lead Compliance and Data Officer

James Houghton

Lead Internal Quality Assurance Officer